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suomalainenhimo's Journal

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This community was made for people who have "finnlust." (Love for Finland.) A lot of our love for Finland came out of love for Finnish metal bands like Nightwish or Sonata Arctica so there may be occasional band babble. Basically, this community was made so we have a place to squeal and gush over Finnish things. YES,THEREWILLBEFANGIRLISHNESS.

Made by/moderated by woundedllama. Also moderated by my wife, arctic_silence ;)

Obviously, keep it Finland related. Try to keep it to general Finland stuff, not bands. If you want to band-squee some communities you should join are: _oceansoul, tuomas_daily, _the_siren, metal_gods, oceanborn, emppuholics, sonata_arctica, jani_lust, kakko_daily, _bed_of_razors (Feel free to give me any other communities to put up here.)

lj-cuts are nice when needed.

If we don't know you already, introduce yourself and tell us why you also have finnlust. ;)

Finnish is VERY welcome (a lot of us are trying to teach ourselves Finnish) but please translate it for all of us poor, non-fluent people.

And of course, Finns are welcome to join, as long as you're not freaked out by the fact that everyone will love you simply because of where you're from. Heh heh.